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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to debug my map?

If your map isn't appearing as you expect, for example GeoJSON objects aren't interactive, shapes are the wrong color, or not appearing at all, then there is a process to follow to help work out what might be happening.

Icon Map Pro attempts to work out what type of object should be appearing based on the configuration of the data provided to it on each row. Sometimes this data isn't provided to the map as you expect, but it's hard to tell, that this is the issue, especially if it's the result of a DAX expression. To help check that the data is being passed to the visual as you expect, create a copy of the map visual and paste it onto the same report page. Then switch the copy to be a table visual. This will then show you the configuration of the data that's being passed from the field wells. However, this won't include any information that's being passed through the formatting settings, but you can also add these to the table as additional fields.

Why don't my WKT shapes appear?

There is a maximum number of characters of text that can fit in a column in Power BI. This often means that WKT shapes are truncated and will not display. Check the WKT documentation for guidance on how to deal with this.

If your WKT shapes are not appearing then it may be worth adding a DAX measure so check that the length is not beyond the maximum 32764 characters. For example: WKT Width = LEN (MAX ('Table'[WKT Column]'))

Can Icon Map Pro be certified?

Please read the explanation here regarding certification.

Can I use Icon Map Pro in Power BI Embedded?

Yes, however you will need to contact for a Power BI Embedded version of the visual.

Can I use Icon Map Pro in Publish to Web reports?

Yes, however you will need to contact for a specific version of the visual.

Can I use Icon Map Pro with Power BI Report Server?

Icon Map Pro is compatible with Power BI Report Server Version:1.19.8779.19175 (build 15.0.1114.33), Released: January 26, 2024 or later. You will need to contact for a specific version of the visual.

How many rows of data does Icon Map Pro support?

Most Power BI visuals display upto 30000 rows of data. This is also the default setting for Icon Map Pro, although a compromise is sometimes required between the number of items vs performance. Different types of object will perform better than others.

It is also possible to exceed the number of data items, up to 180000 in 30000 increments by setting the "Number of Rows" setting in the "Data Layers" section of the formatting options.

Can I add multiple layers to my map?

It is possible to apply multiple layers onto the same map, but the data needs to be modelled and the visual configured appropriately. Check out this guide for more details.