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Release History and Future Releases

History of Icon Map Pro feature releases and bug fixes

New features are added here as they are implemented prior to release. As described below, you can download pre-release versions to beta test functionality before release to AppSource.

Whilst "planned" features may be beta tested by downloading the version linked here, features may not yet be fully tested or have documentation available.

Version NumberDateNotes (early August - available to beta test soon)
  • Ability to add multiple data-bound geojson/kml/shapefiles from URLs or uploaded files to the same map and apply different configuration and formatting options to each - including the ability to determine which are visible via conditional formatting and therefore a Power BI data value or slicer. (new maps only)
  • Added ability to add multiple reference layers from ArcGIS and format the layers independently
  • Improved the tooltip functionality for ArcGIS reference layers
  • Added ability to set data-bound vector tile URLs using conditional formatting.
  • Added the ability to add multiple WMS overlay layers with each layer configurable via conditional formatting, including its visibility.
  • Added ability to add multiple raster reference layers, set the URLs and visibility with conditional formatting.
  • Added option to enable animation for zooming and panning around the map when data is sliced or drilled down.
  • Added ability to configure circle radius for data-bound vector tile layers with point data.
  • Added ability to specify the zoom levels where layers are visible to data-bound vector tile layers, circles, images, H3, geoJSON data-bound layers, WKT/GeoJSON, map labels, lines, GeoJSON / KML / Shapefile reference layers, WMS overlays
  • Added ability to allow data-bound vector tile data to be shown at more detailed zoom levels when zooming to a level were tiles do not exist
  • Added ability to specify specific layers to display from data-bound vector tile layers
  • Added ability to specify multiple GeoJson / KML / Shapefile reference layers.
  • Improved data-bound vector tile performance.
  • Added ability to add multiple data-bound vector tile layers
  • Added ability to set vector tile layer URL using conditional formatting
  • Improvements made to make resizing the visual easier.
  • Added new control to show current zoom level
  • Fixed bug preventing GeoJSON files from being imported with a CRS84 property.
  • Fixed bug preventing conditional formatting of setting a WMS overlay URL from applying.
  • Fixed bug where some conditional formatting settings on lines were not applying
  • More features in progress including multiple data-bound ArcGIS layers. 2024 - Current AppSource version
  • Added support for images as backgrounds with simple XY coordinates to enable scenarios such as indoor floor plans
  • Added support for CQL filters and specifying styles in WMS overlays
  • Added z-index on additional data layers to allow specific ordering of more layers
  • Added ability to use Power BI conditional formatting instead of range formatting for H3 cells when specified by H3 index
  • Minor tweaks to landing page
  • Improved tolerance for invalid WKT
  • Increased WKT performance
  • Added ability to draw symbols/text on lines and WKT linestrings
  • Added ability to animate dash on lines and WKT linestrings to indicate direction
  • Added ability to show reference labels to GeoJSON/Shapefile/KML reference layers
  • Fixed bug preventing circles displayed when Include in Autozoom set to No
  • Fixed bug where circles were not removed when no longer any in data
  • Fixed bug where setting Selectable to No on Shape files didn't take effect
  • Updated logo in AppSource (will arrive before v1.0.0.3 is available) 2024
  • Bug fix for geoJSON shapes not being matched when the property is numeric
  • Added ability to convert markers to circles for GeoJSON data layers
  • Added close button on popup warning message
  • Added ability to specify color threshold values for H3 cells
  • Bug fix for Mapbox vector layers using globe projection instead of mercator
  • Added splitting of H3 cells that cross the antemeridian
  • Added ability to specify WMS overlay URL and layer name with a DAX expression
  • Added support for alternative coordinate systems for circles, lines, heatmap, h3 cells, images, WKT and GeoJSON objects from data and uploaded GeoJSON files where EPSG specified
  • Improved support for geometry collections in GeoJSON files. 2024Minor improvements for AppSource integration 2024Initial Release

Please note, the version listed in AppSource may not reflect the actual version downloaded. Please check the version listed in the visual itself:

Version Number

Installing a pre-release version

You can download a specific version of Icon Map Pro by clicking on the version number. To test a version of Icon Map Pro before it is live in Microsoft AppSource, please follow the Preview Release guide.